In the Press

"Conductive Alliance's Water Glyphs EP is a wonderfully crafted and unique blend of styles that both reference their respective influences while never coming close to ripping them off. Do yourself a favor and download this, I'm sure it'll be near the top of one of my year-end lists."  (more)

"Chicago's Conductive Alliance make a statement with this excellent EP of lush, layered, mathy tunes. Water Glyphs will, quite simply, take hold of you.  A genuine gem and beacon of good things to come."  (more)

"Artist to watch: Conductive Alliance. I recently had the pleasure of coming across this lovely new act who goes by the name of Conductive Alliance and have fallen in love with their keen sense of melody and well-construed indie-pop vision. They have a Sophomore EP out now entitled Water Glyphs that is full of large hooks, and a unique spin on the normal conventions of contemporary rock."  (more)

"Chicago's hypnotic and intriguing Conductive Alliance shimmers into view like a mirage in the desert. The quartet, along with a handful of friends, crafts a sound that is equal parts aggressive Ambience, pointy Math Rock, lush Baroque Pop, evocative Classical arrangements and a swirling and cacophonous experimentalism. On their latest EP, Water Glyphs, Conductive Alliance sounds like the band that Philip Glass and Steve Reich would form if they had a deeper understanding of contemporary Rock and Pop and were willing to embrace more than variations on a theme.  You’ll Dig It If You Dig: A symphony orchestra drops acid, gets into Modern Rock but never forgets where the old (and new) masters are buried."  (more)

"Water Glyphs finds the band at the height of sonic exploration. Tracking was split between Steve Albini's Electrical Audio Studios and Shape Shoppe, and you can detect the influence of both studios on this seven track ep... The ep is consistently shifting styles and sound, from light to dark, from pop to aggressive more industrial sounding stretches. The ep is a big step forward for the band and should be released later this year."  (more)